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LiveFastMotors.com and CJR Imports, LLC

We are the oldest and largest dealer of motorized bicycle kits in the USA. Find gas powered bicycle motors and parts for all of your motorized bicycle plans.

  •     We are the oldest and largest dealer of motorized bicycle plan kits in the USA.
  •     We stock parts for our motorized bicycle kits.
  •     We guarantee our motorized bicycle kits for 30 days from factory defects.
  •     We have low, reasonable shipping charges.
  •     We have easy to follow motorized bicycle plan instructions that are available on our web site click here.
  •     We can be contacted at 801-830-8465.
  •     We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, and Discover (Call for details)

Livefastmotors / CJR IMPORTS LLC has the highest reputation for quality motorized bicycle kits, and innovative parts which can only be obtained from us, including our: Clam Shell Sprocket Adapter, Chopper Muffler, Chopper Motor Mount, and OCC Sprocket Adapter.

We are honest and easy to work with. If there are defects in individual kit parts we will replace that individual part at no charge! Please feel free to call and ask questions!

CALL (801)830-8465 to Find Out More! And talk to someone who actually cares about your project. We are the oldest and largest dealer of gas-powered motorized bicycle kits and custom moped parts in the USA!


We strive for 100% possitive customer ratings!  Before you become frustrated, just give us a call! (801)830-8465


We have earned the highest reputation for quality motor kits and innovative parts, including a line of custom parts that can only be obtained only through our stores.

Unlike other dealers, we actually care about your project and want you to be successful, and unlike other vendors, when you contact us, you can actually talk to a real person and get straigh-forward answers to your questions. Each member of our team is dedicated to doing their job well, so you can get everything you need to complete you motorized bicycle build-out project.

Avoid other vendors who don't care about your success...

Many vendors make a few quick bucks, selling everything from flashlights to boxing gloves... Most of them have never even worked on a build-out project, so they have no idea what works and what doesn't. We do! Years ago, we started motorizing bikes, and we haven't looked back since. We have been selling motor kits for bicycles and mopeds for years, and we have always stocked parts for our kits!  More than 1/3 of our business comes from satisfied repeat customers and the friends of satisfied customers. There is a reason people keep coming back for each new build!

Contact us today and get real answers to your questions: